About Us

The British American Business Council (BABC) of Michigan is "A Member of the British American Business Network" with over 2,500 member companies including some of the world’s largest multi-nationals. The BABC of Michigan has 21 sister chapters located in sixteen US cities, Canada and the United Kingdom. The following are the member chapters in what is clearly the biggest transatlantic business network: Atlanta / Boston / Charlotte / Chicago / Cleveland / Detroit / Houston / Los Angeles / Miami / New York City / Orange County / Orlando / Philadelphia / San Francisco / Seattle / Tampa / Washington DC / Canada / Birmingham, England / Leeds, England / London, England / Manchester England / Glasgow, Scotland.

Our Michigan chapter provides unparalleled opportunity for Midwest businesses and organizations to extend their reach into the UK, and for UK companies to deliver their products, services and messages to the entire Michigan region. The BABC of Michigan was founded in 2006 and is one of the fastest growing chapters in the US.

Membership in the BABC of Michigan offers the ability to market across the entire global network of all 21 chapters, gain introductions, access business intelligence data, attend local events and seminars, and participate in the Annual Transatlantic Business Conferences.

The BABC brings members from all its chapters together once a year, at its Annual Transatlantic Business Conferences, for a 2-day program of high-level business discussions and networking.